hellodoc allows patients to book appointments with their health care providers. My role was to improve the user flow of key features on both mobile and desktop before public release. Market research and testing of similar applications helped guide my design decisions. 



I improved the search by giving users the ability to change services or specialities at any point during the process without having to go back any steps. Instead of crammed calendars beside each specialist in the results, a "day" filter was added and only the most relevant date - next availability - was highlighted, making the page cleaner and easier to scan. 


Booking Appointments

Given that selecting from the available appointments is the next step in booking, I moved the location map from it's original placing at the top of page to a secondary location below specialist details. This gave the calendar prominence and users a clearer direction. 


Admin Section

I started by replacing the simple text menu with a dashboard. Users can toggle between sections, get an overview of their account and create new items at any time. 'Add a doctor' and staff member buttons were moved to the overview box for easy access. To solve the accidental clinic deletions problem I moved the option to the edit tab and added a confirmation prompt.